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RZD Coaching brings together an array of the country’s foremost leaders, thinkers, emerging entrepreneurs, and trends, all showcased in our monthly business magazine – BIZ Discussions.

BIZ Discussions Magazine

Your Gateway to Business Insights and Networking

A Meeting Point for Business Leaders

BIZ Discussions was launched with a singular vision – to create a platform where local business luminaries converge, offering rich insights through an accessible and engaging publication.

Evolution to Digital Excellence

Beginning as a modest physical magazine in KZN, BIZ Discussions has transformed into a widely acclaimed digital monthly publication, reaching readers nationwide with its cutting-edge content.

Spotlight Your Brand

Seeking visibility for your business? BIZ Discussions is your ideal platform. It’s not just a magazine; it’s a thriving community connecting influential thinkers across various industries, offering you a chance to share your unique story.

For the Knowledge Seekers

If absorbing new ideas and exploring innovative thinking patterns is your interest, become a regular reader of BIZ Discussions. Our content caters to every curious mind.

Why Choose

BIZ Discussions?

  • Client Connection Opportunities: Forge valuable connections with potential clients and partners.
  • Morning Coffee Reads: Stay updated with the latest business trends over your morning coffee.
  • Amplified Business Voice: Get your voice heard across more business forums.
  • Networking with Peers: Connect with like-minded business professionals, sharing ideas and experiences.
  • Boost Your Brand’s Visibility: Gain increased exposure for your brand and business.
  • Inspiration for Innovation: Find the spark for your next big business idea on our pages.

The essence of BIZ Discussions lies in empowering your business journey with practical insights, motivational stories, and tips, all narrated by South African leaders.

Stay Ahead Effortlessly


Subscribing to BIZ Discussions means staying ahead in the business curve effortlessly. Sign up for upcoming issues or delve into our archive for a wealth of information.

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